Sarah's Top Tips for your October Garden

Sarah’s Top Tips for your October Garden

This month I would recommend cracking on with all of those last-minute but high impact jobs that didn’t quite get finished last month.

If you are able to, rake off fallen leaves and add them to your compost heap or store them in thick garden refuse bags to break down over the winter. Come spring time you will have a lovely crumbling leaf mould that makes an excellent mulch and soil conditioner.

I would also wait for a dry day and mow your lawn for what may be the last time this year! Raise the blade height on your mower to protect the lawn from winter frost damage and be sure to compost your grass cuttings!

For those of you who are fans of the no-dig gardening movement, adding grass cutting compost to cloches and small growing tunnels helps raise the internal temperature just enough to prolong the cropping season for carrots and herbs! Make sure you use a thick covering plastic that will still let in the light or, alternatively, recycle spare double glazed windows off community sharing sites and turn them into protective cold frames.

Trim hedges so they are crisp and tidy for the winter, this is one of the fastest ways to make an instant impact and best of all, can be done in between rain showers.

Rhubarb plants will be going into their dormant period so divide large plants with a sharp, clean spade or a sharp knife.

Harvest any pears, apples or nuts soon before the frosts settle in and store in a cool dry place wrapped in newspaper for longevity.

Protect tender plants from frost damage with straw or fleecing.

This month is also an ideal time to plant hedges and move any shrubs or small trees that are in the wrong place.

Please, please be aware of wildlife and pets this month! Fireworks, bonfires and garden machinery cause a lot of damage to local wildlife every year. If you have leaf piles dotted around your garden, please check them for frogs, newts and hedgehogs before raking them up and definitely inspect any bonfires you set up as they are perfect hiding spots for little critters.

This month’s promotions

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Our Potting Shed Café will also be opening this month and we are so excited to see you all!

See you soon! 🏵🍃