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Jordan’s Top Tips for your May Garden

Jordan's Top Tips for your May Garden

Summer is nearly here and our glass house and polytunnels are bursting at the seams. This is by far our favourite time of year when all of the beautiful colours light up the nursery and definitely brighten our day.

Here are our top tips for your May garden from Jordan, our in-house expert:

Summer bedding plants are now available. With everything from Begonias and Bizzie Lizzies to Snapdragons and Surfinias, we have it all! Better still, we have an amazing special offer in-store on our standard 6 pack bedding plants: Buy 4, get 1 free! Please do beware of late frosts as these tender plants will get too cold if left out. We highly recommend our Erin Mutipurpose Compost for bedding plants, pots and hanging baskets, which is currently 3 x 70l bags for just £11.99 (available in-store).

Summer containers need the maximum feed and water as the plants are short-lived and have a short time frame to put on a show. You can help them reach their absolute best by doing the following:

  • Add a slow release fertiliser into the soil when planting.
  • Add water retaining crystals to the soil when planting hanging baskets or anything in full sun or a windy position to prevent them from drying out.
  • Feed once a week with Tomerite. Yes, its tomato food but it encourages new growth and more flowers (which means more tomatoes) but in this case, more flowers on your bedding plants!
  • We currently have on special in-store offer a 1l bottle with 30% extra free, so you’ll have 1.3l of Tomerite for just £4.29.

Potatoes are now showing foliage, this is the time when they need earthing. This means adding more soil around the new growth to form a ridge. This will exclude light from the tubers preventing them from going green.

Weeds are popping up everywhere, this is due to the damp but warmer weather. Regularly hoe off weeds to prevent them from getting out of hand and taking over.

Mow lawns weekly to keep then neat and fresh. If you are to apply a weed and feed, apply this on a dry day that is not windy before a wet day forecast. If there is no rain due for a day or two after you have applied the weed or feed, water it in so that it does not burn the grass.

Make sure you check for nesting birds before clipping hedges.

Be wary of lily beetle as they are most prominent this time of year.

Open greenhouse vents and doors on hot days to increase airflow and reduce humidity.

Enjoy your garden this month, we’ll be back with more of Jordan’s top tips in June 🌺🐝

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They were exactly as described and what I wanted.
April Lavercombe16th May 2019
Excellent quality hardwood sleepers and at the keenest price anywhere! The turf is very good quality too.
Jeremy Jones14th May 2019
Product supplied as described. Driver was great and unloaded turf.
Graham Winkles13th May 2019
The turf purchased was fresh and of great quality, the topsoil too was excellent stone free quality.
Marius Poulson13th May 2019
Very good topsoil, delivered nice and early so all day to move it. Friendly and helpful delivery driver. Reasonable price. Would recommend.
Stephen Freer11th May 2019
Great price, great product and really fast delivery. Also very polite people on the phone and polite delivery driver.
Matthew Poller7th May 2019
Very good soil that was easy to work with.
David Powell7th May 2019
Delivery driver was very helpful would definitely purchase from you again.
John Pugh6th May 2019
Product as described, premium soil perfect for the job.
Daniel Fletcher1st May 2019
Top quality product, certainly the best around and the very best price. The grass/soil itself was very good quality. It’s been down a week now and is looking really lush and healthy – would certainly recommend! The customer service was fantastic. Net day fast and friendly service. All round impressed!
Damien Hobbis29th April 2019
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