Camellia Japonica - Top Tips for February Gardens

George’s Top Tips for your February Garden

With the days beginning to get longer, sap starting to rise and buds beginning to swell, February is a season of optimism and anticipation for spring. There is plenty to do as the garden comes to life such as:

  1. Ensuring the birds have plenty of food and water.
  2. Apply organic fertilisers such as mulch, manure compost.
  3. Prune winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering such as winter heathers.
  4. Prune summer flowering shrubs that flower on new wood such as hardy fushias and buddleia.
  5. Prune hardy evergreen trees and shrubs such as laurels if they are overgrown. If you’re unsure whether a shrub is hardy leave it until march.

Star Plants for January

  • Helleborous orientalis, evergreen perennial with various colour flowers.
  • Viburnum tinus a bushy evergreen shrub with perfumed flowers and black berries.
  • Camellia japonica an evergreen glossy leaved shrub with beautiful large flowers in a variety of colours this is suitable for acidic soil.