Erna's Top Tips for your November Garden

Erna’s Top Tips for your November Garden

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year with strolls in autumn forests, frosty mornings, blue skies and the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet. The almost too good to be true landscapes of red, yellow and orange, filling the view with what look like flames. This is nature changing, preparing for the winter but there are still a lot of things that you can be doing in your garden this November.

One of the biggest jobs in November especially is leaf clearing. Whether you have hundreds of trees in your garden or none at all, I’m pretty much certain that you will have leaves to clear. Yes, it can be a long, never-ending task – however it’s not all bad. Fallen leaves are great for creating leaf mould – a great mulch for your beds and borders, and especially good for allotment patches to help prepare for the next growing season. It’s a great water retainer and prevents water loss, keeping the soil beneath nice and moist. It also reduces evaporation and absorbs rainwater to reduce run-off. Most importantly, keep lawns and ponds free of leaves. Clear out and clean gutters and drains on a regular basis to prevent blockages later on.

Cleaning out the greenhouse and then insulating it can also be done now ready for seeds later in the winter.

Here at Singletons, we are bursting with Winter Bedding and other winter plants to brighten up your gardens. We have plenty to choose from including Pansies, Polyanthus, Heathers, Ornamental Brassica, Evergreen shrubs and much more at great prices! Come and see us today to make the most of our excellent prices, or get some expert advice from me or one of our other Horticultural Experts!

We also have a variety of Christmas gift ideas in stock, and with the Government asking us to shop early for Christmas, it’s now the perfect time to pick up those lovely garden related gifts. Our Christmas trees will also be in a little earlier than other years so remember to pick those up early too.

Our beautiful winter hanging baskets are now in stock, or there are still a few weeks to plant these up ready. Why not pop along with your empty basket, and we can plant it up for you.

House plants can do with one last good feed before they go dormant for the winter.

More quick tips

  • November is the ideal time to plant tulip bulbs for a spring display next year. TOP TIP – planting 2 or 3 layers of bulbs in a container will result in a fuller pot and the container will be of interest for longer.
  • Encourage winter birds into the garden by putting out bird food. A mix of nuts, seed and fat balls usually does the job and the birds really appreciate the food, especially in the colder months.
  • Raise your containers up off the floor using pot feet or a house brick to prevent waterlogging.

Finally, just a little reminder that our Potting Shed Café has now re-opened. We are so excited to see you all! 🏵