Dry Goods

Products from our Dry Goods range can be purchased using the order form below.

Johnsons Quick Fix Lawn Seed43sq.m£13.99
6 X Chicken pellets7Kg£7.99
Aftercut AIO Even-Flo Spreader UK80sq.m£9.99
Aftercut AIO Medium Box UK100sq.m£9.99
All Vegetable Feed1.5kg£4.99
Blood and Bone25kg£22.48
Bone Meal1.5kg£3.99
Bone Meal4kg£7.99
Bone Meal25kg£18.99
Bug Clear Ultra 1l1LTR£6.49
Buxus Feed Concentrate1L£5.99
Compost Activator20Kg£13.99
Epsom salts1.5kg£4.99
Fish, Blood & Bone4kg£7.99
FISH, Blood & Bone1.5kg£3.99
Fungus Clear 1Ltr1 LTR£6.49
Fungus Clear 225ml225ML£6.99
Garden Lime20Kg£11.99
Garden Lime4kg£7.99
Gro-Sure 6 Month Slow Release Plant Food 1.1kg + 50% Extra Free1.65kg£5.99
Gro-Sure All Purpose 6 Month Feed Tablets Pouch 25%EF20+5 Tabs£4.99
Gro-Sure Ericaceous Plant Food Granules Jar 900G900g£5.99
Gro-Sure Ericaceous Plant Food Liquid – 1L + 50% Extra free1.5L£5.99
Gro-sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed30sq.m£13.99
Gro-sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed 10m2 + 50% EF15sq.m£7.99
Gro-sure Multi Purpose Lawn Seed10sq.m£6.99
Gro-Sure Multi Purpose Lawn Seed50sq.m£17.99
Gro-Sure Super Enriched All Purpose Plant Food – 1L + 50% Extra free1.5L£4.99
Grow Organic Manure20Kg£7.99
Levington Tomorite 1L + 30% Free1L +30%£4.49
Miracle Gro All Purpose Cont. Food£5.99
Miracle Gro All Purpose Liquid Food£4.29
Miracle Gro All Purpose Soluble Food£3.99
Miracle Gro Azalea Compost 10L10L£3.99
Miracle Gro Azalea Liquid Food 1L1L£4.29
Miracle Gro Azalea Release Food 1kg1KG£5.99
Miracle Gro Azalea Soluble Food 500g500G£3.99
Miracle Gro Bulb Fibre 10L10L£3.99
Miracle Gro Cactus Compost 6L6L£3.99
Miracle Gro Chicken Manure 3.5kg3.5KG£6.49
Miracle Gro Citrus Compost 6L6L£3.99
Miracle Gro Complete 4in1 5.25kg5.25KG£15.99
Miracle Gro Complete 4in1 Lawn Care£9.99
Singletons Uncertified Grass Seed – 1KG1KG£5.99
Singletons Uncertified Grass Seed – 2KG2KG£9.99
Miracle Gro Drip & Feed Food£1.49
Miracle Gro EverGreen Mosskill 2.8kg2.8KG£9.29
Miracle Gro Fast Green Lawn Food£10.99
Miracle Gro Houseplant Potting 10L10L£3.99
Miracle Gro Lawn Food 1kg1KG£5.99
Miracle Gro Lime 3.5kg£6.49
Miracle Gro Magnesium Salts 1.5kg1.5kg£4.29
Miracle Gro Mosskill Liquid 1L1L£8.29
Miracle Gro Patch Magic Seed & Feed£9.99
Miracle Gro Premium Azalea Compost6L£3.99
Miracle Gro Premium Orchid 6L6L£3.99
Miracle Gro Sulphate of Ammonia£4.29
Miracle Gro Sulphate of Iron 1.5kg1.5kg£4.29
Miracle Gro Sulphate of Potash 1.5kg3.5KG£4.29
Miracle Gro Superphosphate 1.5kg1.5kg£4.29
Miracle Gro Thick & Green Lawn Food£10.99
Organic Chicken Manure Pellets 2.25kg + 25% Extra Free2.82kg£4.99
Perlite (100ltr)100 LTR£21.50
Rose Clear 1Ltr1LTR£6.49
Rose Clear 200ml200ML£9.99
Rose fertiliser20Kg£24.99
Rose Food Enriched Horse Manure + 50% Extra free1.5kg£4.99
Roundup 1Ltr1LTR£6.49
Roundup 5Ltr5LTR£28.99
Roundup Conc. 210ml210ML£10.79
Roundup Conc. 540ml540ML£28.49
Roundup Speed Ultra£5.99
Roundup Total 5Ltr5LTR£23.99
Roundup TreeStump Killer£16.29
Roundup WeedKiller Gel£9.99
Sulphate of Ammonia1.5kg£4.99
Sulphate of Iron1.5kg£4.99
Sulphate of Potash1.5kg£4.99
Super Phosphate1.5kg£4.99
Water Saving Gel250g£4.99
Westland SafeLawn Spreader box80sq.m£8.99