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Lawn Dressing

Lawn Dressing


This is a premium topsoil ideal for lawn dressing or where you are looking for exceptional quality topsoil.


This topsoil is only available in bulk bags and is not available loose.

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Declaration of Compliance BS3882:2007

Soil source:

This declaration confirms that the topsoil represented by the attached Topsoil Analysis Report conforms to the requirements of the British Standard for Topsoil (BS3882:2007).

The sample was sampled and tested in accordance with the requirements of BS3882:2007

Samples are taken for analysis every 8000 tonnes (5000 m3) of product
Samples are taken from all TOPSOIL products ready for despatch
Topsoil is sampled after screening
Analysis certificates are retained for a period of 5 years
Laboratory analysis is undertaken at a UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratory
All laboratory methods are in accordance with BS3882:2007

Sample Examination

The soil was described as a dark brown, dry, friable SANDY LOAM with a moderately developed fine to coarse Organic granular structure. The sample was stone free and no deleterious materials, roots or rhizomes of pernicious weeds were observed.

Analytical Schedule

The sample was submitted to a UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratory for a range of physical and chemical tests to confirm the composition and fertility of the soil, and the absence of potential contaminants. The following parameters were determined:

Particle Size Analysis and Stone Content

pH value 6.5-7.5
major plant nutrients (N, P, K, Mg);
organic matter content 40%
sandy soil content 60%
zinc 110
copper 36
nickel 20

The results are presented on the attached Certificate of Analysis and an interpretation of the results is given below. The interpretation considers the use of the for general landscaping purposes and its compliance/non-compliance with our general landscape specification.

In the absence of site-specific criteria, the concentrations of the potential contaminants determined have been assessed with reference to the Soil Guideline Values (SGVs) for residential end-use with plant uptake, which are presented in the Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment (CLEA) Model (EA/DEFRA:2002). The SGVs currently consider a limited range of parameters so where a potential contaminant is not covered by the CLEA Model other relevant schedules and guidelines for contamination assessment have been used, for example the New Dutch List, as well as professional judgement.

Results of Analysis

The sample fell into the sandy loam texture class. This particle size distribution is considered suitable for general landscaping purposes, including tree and shrub planting, native transplants, amenity grass turfing and seeding and dressing.The sample was stone free and, as such, stones will not restrict the use of the soil for any landscaping purposes.

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Excellent soil with very few stones, turf was also of great quality.
Tim Connop21st August 2019
Very good turf. Freshly cut. Has taken well.
Bryan Smith12th August 2019
I love this garden centre, it truly is a cut above the rest. My hanging basket is an absolute joy.
Yvette Barratt8th August 2019
Staff are helpful, knowledgeable and cheerful and nothing is too much trouble.
Jane Ward2nd August 2019
The top soil was of good quality and was most suitable for my flower borders.
Alan Merritt23rd July 2019
The Moonstone looks really good as a lawn and patio border.
Brian Russell16th July 2019
All straight and no major knots or drying cracks.
Tim Pearson11th July 2019
Competitively priced sleepers, delivered on time and craned off to a convenient place by a helpful driver.
Ray Lamb9th July 2019
Excellent turf and topsoil delivered on time with a call to say they were on their way. Lawn was freshly cut on the day and has taken very quickly.
David Grennall1st July 2019
Wow, our first time visiting and I cannot wait to come back! Beautiful, inspiring surroundings. Products are first class and you can tell the staff who look after the place do it with love. We are so happy with our purchases and very reasonable prices. I’ll make a regular visit now! I haven’t tried the Potting Shed yet but heard wonderful things so will look forward to trying it. So lucky this is local to us. Thank you!
Francesca Kennedy30th June 2019
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