Wool Compost For Tomatoes


GROW ORGANICALLY using this peat free and perfectly blended Wool Compost for Tomatoes to grow healthy, strong, tasty tomatoes without additional feed. Now with added Comfrey!

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This super strength compost is our best compost for growing organic, succulent, aromatic tomatoes throughout the year. Containing all the must-have nutrients this compost requires no additional tomato feed. Now with added Comfrey! – the organic gardeners best friend – a ‘dynamic accumulator’ packed with nutrients is added into the Wool Compost range. Comfrey’s ‘Bocking 14’ variety has high levels of potassium, phosphorous & nitrogen for healthy plant growth, larger flowers & bigger crops. And like the rest of Dalefoot’s range, it has been approved by the Soil Association for organic growing.

The sheep’s wool gives natural water retention and also provides a slow release of nitrogen. The high level of potash in the bracken promotes flowering and fruiting. Plus it contains natural micro-nutrients for growing healthy and delicious produce. Benefits of Wool Compost:

  • 12 months feed
  • Reduced watering
  • Peat-free
  • Approved for organic growing

Not suitable for seeds.

How to use

Sow seeds in seed trays or small pots in Dalefoot Wool Compost for Seeds in early to mid-spring. Seedlings will be ready to transplant when the ‘true’ leaves are formed.

Having chosen your method and growing position water your seedlings well the day before planting.

Growing tomatoes indoors

Can be either in a greenhouse, polytunnel or sunny conservatory – wherever suits you best.

Plant seedlings in Wool Compost for Tomatoes as a grow bag (2 plants) or fill 20-30cm pots.

Grow bags require extra care as they quickly dry out so put an up-turned water bottle with its base cut off as a water reservoir into the top of the bag between the seedlings.

Water your tomatoes regularly, preferably in the evening, and consistently to keep the soil or compost moist – this will help avoid blossom end rot and fruits cracking.

Do not feed your tomatoes – Wool Compost for Tomatoes has all the feed your plants need to produce their crop through the season.

Growing tomatoes outdoors

Harden seedlings off for 10-14 days before permanently planting outside.

Choose your warmest and sunniest outdoor position.

Plant seedlings in Wool Compost for Tomatoes as a grow bag (2 plants) or fill 20-30cm pots or into a planting pit, raised beds or borders.

Water as for indoor tomatoes.

REMEMBER – There is no need to feed your tomatoes – Just water!

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