Humax Growbag

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The Humax Growbag is ideal for:

  • Tomatoes
  • Courgettes
  • Peppers
  • Salad crops and vegetables


Why use?

Highest quality peat sourced from the Humax peat moor in Scotland. H²Gro wetting agent has a spectacular 3-in-1 mode of action, which allows for all your plants’ water needs:

  • Wetting and spreading agent
  • Penetrating agent
  • Re-wetting agent

Quality ingredients

  • Start & Gro professional grade starter fertilizer gives plants and vegetables the perfect initial boost.
  • Levington professional coir aids drainage and improves rooting.
  • Silver sand improves feel and flowability of the growing media

Weight25 kg

2 reviews for Humax Growbag

  1. Julia Fox (verified owner)

    I was hugely relieved to discover you were still doing business in these difficult times, and the next day delivery was amazing and totally unexpected. Thank you!

  2. George Gascoyne (verified owner)

    Excellent local delivery.

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