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Bird Care

Products from our Bird Care range can be purchased using the order form below.

Bird Seed Deal

Includes: 2KG Sunflower Hearts, 2.5KG No Mess Seed Mix, 2KG Seed Mix, x12 Energy Balls and x1 Feeder

Bird Treat Deal

Includes x1 Suet Treats 1.1KG, x1 Mealworm Suet Treats 1.1KG, x1 Mealworm 200G, x4 Coconut Halfs

Wild Bird Deal

Includes: x1 12.75KG Seed Mix, x1 Tub 50 Fat Balls

Wild Feed Deal

Includes: x1 Hedgehog Bites, x1 Squirrel Food, x1 Swan and Duck food, x1 Superior Hedgehog Food, x1 Superior Squirrel Food

GardmanGM Fat Snax 50 Tub -£8.99
GardmanGM Seed Mix 12.75kg -£9.99
GardmanGM Bee Hive£10.99
GardmanGM Berry Suet Treats 1.1kg£6.99
GardmanGM Berry Suet Treats 550g£3.99
GardmanGM Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush£2.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Large Nyjer Seed Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Large Peanut Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Large Seed Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Large Sunflower Heart Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Seed Feeder£6.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Suet Treat and Mealworm Feeder£11.99
GardmanGM Compact Ground Feeder Tray£4.99
GardmanGM Complete Feeding Station Kit£44.99
GardmanGM Decorative Feeding Station£29.99
GardmanGM Fat Snax 12 Pack£3.99
GardmanGM Fat Snax 25 Bag£5.99
GardmanGM Fat Snax 6 Pack£1.99
GardmanGM Feeding Station£19.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Fat Snax Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Large Seed Feeder£6.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Nyjer Seed Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Peanut Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Seed Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Suet Feast Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Suet Treat and Mealworm Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Sunflower Hearts Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Large Seed Feeder£16.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder£12.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Seed Feeder£12.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Fat Snax Feeder£19.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder£19.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder£19.99
GardmanGM Hedgehog Bites - 650G (Zero rated VAT)£3.99
GardmanGM Mealworm Pouch 1.2kg + 25% XF£24.99
GardmanGM Mealworm Pouch 100g£3.99
GardmanGM Mealworm Pouch 200g£6.49
GardmanGM Mealworm Pouch 400g£10.99
GardmanGM Multi Nest Box£8.99
GardmanGM No Grow Seed Mix 12.75kg£18.99
GardmanGM No Grow Seed Mix 1kg£3.49
GardmanGM No Grow Seed Mix 2kg£4.99
GardmanGM No Grow Seed Mix 4kg£8.99
GardmanGM No Mess Seed Mix 12.75kg£14.99
GardmanGM No Mess Seed Mix 1Kg£2.49
GardmanGM No Mess Seed Mix 2Kg + 25% XF£3.99
GardmanGM No Mess Seed Mix 4kg£7.99
GardmanGM Nyjer Seed 0.9Kg£4.99
GardmanGM Nyjer Seed 1.8Kg£8.99
GardmanGM Peanut Bites 1kg£5.99
GardmanGM Peanut Suet Feast£2.49
GardmanGM Peanuts 12.75kg£34.99
GardmanGM Peanuts 1kg£4.99
GardmanGM Peanuts 2kg + 25% XF£8.99
GardmanGM Peanuts 4kg£15.99
GardmanGM Plastic Food Storage Bin 15kg£10.99
GardmanGM Robin Nest Box£5.99
GardmanGM Roosting Pouch£2.99
GardmanGM Seed & Mealworm Suet Feast£2.49
GardmanGM Seed & Mealworm Suet Treats 1.1kg£6.99
GardmanGM Seed & Mealworm Suet Treats 550g£3.99
GardmanGM Seed and Mealworm Mini Suet Roll Refill 6 Pack£3.99
GardmanGM Seed and Mealworm Mini Suet Rolls and Feeder£6.99
GardmanGM Seed Mix 1kg£1.99
GardmanGM Seed Mix 2kg£2.99
GardmanGM Seed Mix 4kg£6.99
GardmanGM Squirrel Food 1.3kg (Zero rated VAT)£3.99
GardmanGM Squirrel Proof Fat Snax Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Suet Feast 10 Pack£12.99
GardmanGM Suet Feast 3 Pack£5.99
GardmanGM Suet Feast Feeder£2.99
GardmanGM Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder -£1.99
GardmanGM Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder 4 Pack£6.99
GardmanGM Suet Filled Pine Cone - Display Box£3.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 12.75kg£29.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 1kg£4.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 2kg + 25% XF£6.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 4kg£11.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Seed 2.8kg£9.99
GardmanGM Supreme Blue Tit Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Finch Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Mealworm Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Robin Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Songbird Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Suet Balls - 50 Tub£14.99
GardmanGM Swan & Duck Food (Zero rated VAT)£3.99
GardmanGM Universal Squirrel Baffle£17.99
GardmanGM Water Drinker£7.99
GardmanGM Whole Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder£3.99
GardmanGM Woven Hedgehog House£22.99
PeckishPK Complete 2kg + 50% XF£4.99
PeckishPK Complete Energy Balls 6pk + 6 Free£2.95
The turf seems to be taking well and the other products were quality. The garden team, KT landscapes commented how good the soil was.
Laura Varilone24th August 2020
Driver was very helpful and informative, the turf was in excellent condition and fresh and green, it gave a instant impact on the garden has started to root well even though it has only been laid a week ago, highly recommend the turf to anyone who is thinking about ordering it.
Wayne Wright23rd August 2020
Wonderful service and delivery very pleased thank you.
Teresa Salter23rd August 2020
Great mushroom compost. Just what I needed to improve my soil.
Helen Everitt16th August 2020
Brilliant service and a perfect product. I was able to specify what day to have the turf delivered and on the morning I received a phone call, letting me know it was on it’s way. It was delivered with no fuss and the product (56 lengths of turf) were perfect; no weeds, no browning, perfectly cut and ALL of it has taken and rooted. Thank you.
Glen Green15th August 2020
I was having difficulty finding this product in my local stores and found it at Singleton’s Nurseries which isn’t too far away ordered it online and paid for it ready to collect in a couple of days which was a perfect solution for my needs.
Yvonne Woodhouse6th August 2020
Excellent sleepers great communications and delivery speedy and on time.
Julie Crampton4th August 2020
Topsoil was excellent quality and the delivery driver was outstanding would not go anywhere else for my supplies now.
Angela Andrews4th August 2020
Really good quality and at the cheapest price that I could find anywhere. Would recommend the turf to anyone.
Michael Wake3rd August 2020
Excellent value for money prompt service friendly staff at store when I did first order.
Caroline Hill2nd August 2020
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