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Our online store is currently open for new orders for delivery within a 14 mile radius. Please add a note at checkout with your preferred delivery day (Mon-Fri). Please note we are unable to add to or amend orders already placed. Full details of our current delivery policy can be found here.
Bird Seed Deal

Includes: 2KG Sunflower Hearts, 2.5KG No Mess Seed Mix, 2KG Seed Mix, x12 Energy Balls and x1 Feeder

Bird Treat Deal

Includes x1 Suet Treats 1.1KG, x1 Mealworm Suet Treats 1.1KG, x1 Mealworm 200G, x4 Coconut Halfs

Wild Bird Deal

Includes: x1 12.75KG Seed Mix, x1 Tub 50 Fat Balls

Wild Feed Deal

Includes: x1 Hedgehog Bites, x1 Squirrel Food, x1 Swan and Duck food, x1 Superior Hedgehog Food, x1 Superior Squirrel Food

GardmanGM Fat Snax 50 Tub -£8.99
GardmanGM Seed Mix 12.75kg -£9.99
GardmanGM Bee Hive£10.99
GardmanGM Berry Suet Feast£2.49
GardmanGM Berry Suet Treats 1.1kg£6.99
GardmanGM Berry Suet Treats 550g£3.99
GardmanGM Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush£2.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Large Nyjer Seed Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Large Peanut Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Large Seed Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Large Sunflower Heart Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Seed Feeder£6.99
GardmanGM Black Steel Suet Treat and Mealworm Feeder£11.99
GardmanGM Compact Ground Feeder Tray£4.99
GardmanGM Complete Feeding Station Kit£44.99
GardmanGM Decorative Feeding Station£29.99
GardmanGM Fat Snax 12 Pack£3.99
GardmanGM Fat Snax 25 Bag£5.99
GardmanGM Fat Snax 6 Pack£1.99
GardmanGM Feeding Station£19.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Fat Snax Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Large Seed Feeder£6.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Nyjer Seed Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Peanut Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Seed Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Suet Feast Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Suet Treat and Mealworm Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Flip Top Sunflower Hearts Feeder£4.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Large Seed Feeder£14.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder£12.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Seed Feeder£12.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Fat Snax Feeder£19.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder£19.99
GardmanGM Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder£19.99
GardmanGM Hedgehog Bites - 650G (Zero rated VAT)£3.99
GardmanGM Mealworm Pouch 1.2kg + 25% XF£24.99
GardmanGM Mealworm Pouch 100g£3.99
GardmanGM Mealworm Pouch 200g£6.49
GardmanGM Mealworm Pouch 400g£10.99
GardmanGM Multi Nest Box£8.99
GardmanGM No Grow Seed Mix 12.75kg£18.99
GardmanGM No Grow Seed Mix 1kg£3.49
GardmanGM No Grow Seed Mix 2kg£4.99
GardmanGM No Grow Seed Mix 4kg£8.99
GardmanGM No Mess Seed Mix 12.75kg£14.99
GardmanGM No Mess Seed Mix 1Kg£2.49
GardmanGM No Mess Seed Mix 2Kg + 25% XF£3.99
GardmanGM No Mess Seed Mix 4kg£7.99
GardmanGM Nyjer Seed 0.9Kg£4.99
GardmanGM Nyjer Seed 1.8Kg£8.99
GardmanGM Peanut Bites 1kg£5.99
GardmanGM Peanut Suet Feast£2.49
GardmanGM Peanuts 12.75kg£34.99
GardmanGM Peanuts 1kg£4.99
GardmanGM Peanuts 2kg + 25% XF£8.99
GardmanGM Peanuts 4kg£15.99
GardmanGM Plastic Food Storage Bin 15kg£10.99
GardmanGM Robin Nest Box£5.99
GardmanGM Roosting Pouch£2.99
GardmanGM Seed & Mealworm Suet Feast£2.49
GardmanGM Seed & Mealworm Suet Treats 1.1kg£6.99
GardmanGM Seed & Mealworm Suet Treats 550g£3.99
GardmanGM Seed and Mealworm Mini Suet Roll Refill 6 Pack£3.99
GardmanGM Seed and Mealworm Mini Suet Rolls and Feeder£6.99
GardmanGM Seed Mix 1kg£1.99
GardmanGM Seed Mix 2kg£2.99
GardmanGM Seed Mix 4kg£6.99
GardmanGM Squirrel Food 1.3kg (Zero rated VAT)£3.99
GardmanGM Squirrel Proof Fat Snax Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder£9.99
GardmanGM Suet Feast 10 Pack£12.99
GardmanGM Suet Feast 3 Pack£5.99
GardmanGM Suet Feast Feeder£2.99
GardmanGM Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder -£1.99
GardmanGM Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder 4 Pack£6.99
GardmanGM Suet Filled Pine Cone - Display Box£3.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 12.75kg£29.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 1kg£4.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 2kg + 25% XF£6.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 4kg£11.99
GardmanGM Sunflower Seed 2.8kg£9.99
GardmanGM Supreme Blue Tit Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Finch Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Mealworm Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Robin Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Songbird Blend 1.8kg£5.49
GardmanGM Supreme Suet Balls - 50 Tub£14.99
GardmanGM Swan & Duck Food (Zero rated VAT)£3.99
GardmanGM Universal Squirrel Baffle£17.99
GardmanGM Water Drinker£7.99
GardmanGM Whole Suet Filled Co-Co Feeder£3.99
GardmanGM Woven Hedgehog House£22.99
PeckishPK Complete 2kg + 50% XF£4.99
PeckishPK Complete Energy Balls 6pk + 6 Free£2.95
Excellent quality perennials for my garden and good value bags of compost. Delivered within a couple of days.
Gillian Bettison26th April 2020
Ordering from Singleton’s couldn’t have been easier, and the delivery was very quick, especially in view of the current situation with garden centres not being open to the public. I was delighted with the quality of the compost and the driver was very helpful in asking the best place for it to be unloaded. Couldn’t have been a better service.
Denise Thompson26th April 2020
With everything going on at the moment they delivered in a couple of days. Great.
Dave Atkins26th April 2020
Great service especially in these unprecedented times. Really friendly staff who couldn’t do enough to help – thank you.
Mike Banks26th April 2020
Good quality, nice and straight with no twist and nice colour.
Darren Smith26th April 2020
Very pleased with quality of product, very competitively priced and also very prompt in delivering. The delivery driver was very helpful, even in these strange times.
Mario Botta26th April 2020
Excellent quality. Delivery prompt and driver very helpful. A credit to the company!
Tony Greenhouse25th April 2020
A really good quality Topsoil and great Turf. We laid 15 rolls on top of 2 tonnes of Topsoil and all have caught well. The delivery driver was great with the children and showed off the crane.
Aled Lewis25th April 2020
Excellent product and good prices, even in these crazy times.
Martin Harrison25th April 2020
Delivered on time. Good quality plants
Cavan Eccles25th April 2020
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