Top Tips for your June Garden

Sarah’s Top Tips for your June Garden

We’re expecting another month of beautiful sunny weather this June so this is an excellent
opportunity for you to enjoy all the hard work you have put into your gardens this Spring!

Please make sure you look after yourselves in this lovely heat by gardening either first thing in the
morning or last thing in the evening – this is not only good for you but great for your plants as the
cooler temperatures are much less stressful for them and any watering you do will be eagerly soaked
up rather than evaporated off the surface. I would also recommend mowing your lawn when it is
cooler as the heat may cause the tips of the grass to dry out and go crispy.

Whilst the lovely hot weather has been great for us, it has left the ground very hard making it
difficult for parent and young birds to access worms beneath the surface! Feed birds Meal Worms
rather than seeds or fat balls as small chicks can choke on large seeds and fat balls may go rancid in
the heat.

Other jobs in the garden include:

  • Checking plants daily and watering where the soil is dry with extra attention to new
    additions to your garden that need help to establish themselves.
  • Use shade paint to cool your greenhouse down
  • Keep on top of weeding by doing ‘little and often’
  • Trim leggy hanging basket plants to encourage new growth
  • Lift and divide clumps of bulbs which have yellowed and gone dormant
  • Dead head repeat-flowering roses
  • Stake any tall billowy perennials that could be vulnerable to strong winds (or stray
  • Tie up climbers to trellising
  • Feed established lawns with a water-soluble lawn fertiliser

Water security

Being water wise is essential, especially this summer as we have had so much beautiful sunshine and
very little rain. If you have a little room in the corner of your garden, why not attach a water butt to
your shed our house guttering to make the most of the rain that does fall? If we all try to do a little
bit, we may be able to stave off any potential hose-pipe bans further into the season.

You can test the soil’s moisture level by simply poking your finger into the soil. If it is damp, don’t
water it as over watering may cause more harm than under-watering!

Summer bedding and annuals have a relatively short life so they need as much help as we can give to
perform at their very best! A little known fact is that bedding and annuals need the same nutrients
as tomatoes to grow and flower and so Tomarite plant feed is perfect for healthy growth! We
currently have a huge 1.3L bottle in stock for £4.29 while stocks last!

The fun stuff!

  • Pick your sweet peas as soon as they start to flower to encourage more blooms!
  • Start looking at your veg patch to see if anything is mature enough to pick
  • Pinch off tomato side shoots to bush them out and propagate new plants from the cutting!
  • Start harvesting your salad crops, resowing every couple of weeks for a constant supply
    throughout the summer