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Jordan’s Top Tips for your October Garden

Jordan's Top Tips for October 2019

After a wet and warm September, autumn is most certainly here with the darker nights drawing in and the temperatures slowly beginning to decrease – bring on the woolly jumpers and cosy nights! It’s such a beautiful time of year and there is plenty to do in your garden ready for winter.

Summer bedding plants will start to look sad now the temperatures are dropping but it’s not all bad! We have a huge selection of winter bedding plants available now, all grown here at the Nursery. From Pansies and Violas to Primulas and Chrysanths, we have all you need to create spectacular displays this autumn at unbeatable prices.

Divide herbaceous perennial now. It is not only one of the easiest ways to get more plants for free, it also makes room for the existing plant to grow, be healthy and clump out more, ready to be divided again in 2-3 years’ time. You can either pot the new plants straight into the ground or into pots. More often than not, they take a year or two to establish and begin to clump out but this is normal. You can also divide large clumps of Rhubarb to create new plants.

It is still OK to lay turf. September-October is the ideal time to renovate new lawns as long as there is no frost or snow which is highly unlikely. As the temperatures are cooler but not cold and the ground is much wetter, there is a much better chance for the new lawn to take and survive.

Move tender plants into a greenhouse or conservatory now. As temperatures are dropping and its getting wetter, some plants which are prone to frost damage or those which are not hardy below a certain temperature need protecting. Things which are rather fleshy and full of water tend to be most prone to this such as Succulents. The water in plant cells freezes, damaging the cell wall. This will then lead to the plant becoming limp, usually turning black then rotting off. Also, be weary of new plant varieties as these can often not be fully winter hardy as they have yet to become resistant to various climates and weathers.

Prune your climbing roses. Now the roses have finished flowering, October is the ideal time to prune back your climbing roses. Prune back anything that is dead, diseased or damaged to begin with – this is known as the 3 D’s and applies to pretty much all plants when pruning. Once this is done, look for any branches that are out of place and prune these back. Pruning spindly branches back to the base encourages stronger, thicker growth.

Now is a perfect time to lift Dahlia and Begonia tubers. More often than not, these flower well into October but as soon as they have finished flowering, lift them and store until next spring. This is done so that the tubers do not rot during the wet winter months. Store then in a cool, dry place. You must remove all of the dead foliage and flowers after lifting, before storing.

October is the month to harvest Apples which should come away easy when ripe. It is also the ideal time to harvest pears, grapes and nuts. You can now also harvest your Squash and Pumpkins.

More quick tips:

  • Finish collecting seeds from the garden to plant next year. This is a great way to save money and grow your own!
  • Plant out spring cabbages.
  • It’s the last change to mow lawns and trim hedges in mild areas.
  • Cut back fruited canes of summer raspberries.
  • Remove Greenhouse shading.

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Excellent soil with very few stones, turf was also of great quality.
Tim Connop21st August 2019
Very good turf. Freshly cut. Has taken well.
Bryan Smith12th August 2019
I love this garden centre, it truly is a cut above the rest. My hanging basket is an absolute joy.
Yvette Barratt8th August 2019
Staff are helpful, knowledgeable and cheerful and nothing is too much trouble.
Jane Ward2nd August 2019
The top soil was of good quality and was most suitable for my flower borders.
Alan Merritt23rd July 2019
The Moonstone looks really good as a lawn and patio border.
Brian Russell16th July 2019
All straight and no major knots or drying cracks.
Tim Pearson11th July 2019
Competitively priced sleepers, delivered on time and craned off to a convenient place by a helpful driver.
Ray Lamb9th July 2019
Excellent turf and topsoil delivered on time with a call to say they were on their way. Lawn was freshly cut on the day and has taken very quickly.
David Grennall1st July 2019
Wow, our first time visiting and I cannot wait to come back! Beautiful, inspiring surroundings. Products are first class and you can tell the staff who look after the place do it with love. We are so happy with our purchases and very reasonable prices. I’ll make a regular visit now! I haven’t tried the Potting Shed yet but heard wonderful things so will look forward to trying it. So lucky this is local to us. Thank you!
Francesca Kennedy30th June 2019
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