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Jordan’s Top Tips for your November Garden

Top Tips for your November Garden

November is one of my favorite months for soo many reasons. Autumn strolls, frosty morning, blue skies and the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet. The almost too good to be true landscapes of red, yellow and orange, filling the view with what look like flames. This is nature changing, preparing for the winter but there are still a lot of things that you can be doing in your garden this November.

One of the biggest jobs in November especially is leaf clearing. Whether you have hundreds of trees in your garden or none at all, I’m pretty much certain that you will have leaves to clear. Yes, it can be a long, never-ending task however it’s not all bad. Fallen leaves are great for creating leaf mold – a great mulch for your beds and border and especially good for allotment patches to help prepare for the next growing season. It’s a great water retainer and prevents water loss, keeping the soil beneath nice and moist. It also reduces evaporation and absorbs rainwater to reduce runoff. Most importantly, keep lawns and ponds free of leaves.

Here at Singletons, we are bursting with Winter Bedding and other winter plants to brighten up your gardens. We have plenty to choose from including Pansies, Polyanthus, Wallflowers, Heathers, Ornamental Brassica, Evergreen shrubs and much more at great prices! Come and see us today to make the most of our excellent prices or get some expert advice from me or one of our other Horticultural Experts!

More quick tips:

  • November is the ideal time to plant tulip bulbs for a spring display next year. TOP TIP – planting 2 or 3 layers of bulbs in a container will result in a fuller pot and the container will be of interest for longer.
  • Encourage winter birds into the garden by putting out bird food. A mix of nuts, seed and fat balls usually does the job and the birds really appreciate the food, especially in the colder months.
  • Raise your containers up off the floor using pot feet or a house brick to prevent waterlogging.

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  • Jordan's Top Tips for your November Garden
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Excellent quality perennials for my garden and good value bags of compost. Delivered within a couple of days.
Gillian Bettison26th April 2020
Ordering from Singleton’s couldn’t have been easier, and the delivery was very quick, especially in view of the current situation with garden centres not being open to the public. I was delighted with the quality of the compost and the driver was very helpful in asking the best place for it to be unloaded. Couldn’t have been a better service.
Denise Thompson26th April 2020
With everything going on at the moment they delivered in a couple of days. Great.
Dave Atkins26th April 2020
Great service especially in these unprecedented times. Really friendly staff who couldn’t do enough to help – thank you.
Mike Banks26th April 2020
Good quality, nice and straight with no twist and nice colour.
Darren Smith26th April 2020
Very pleased with quality of product, very competitively priced and also very prompt in delivering. The delivery driver was very helpful, even in these strange times.
Mario Botta26th April 2020
Excellent quality. Delivery prompt and driver very helpful. A credit to the company!
Tony Greenhouse25th April 2020
A really good quality Topsoil and great Turf. We laid 15 rolls on top of 2 tonnes of Topsoil and all have caught well. The delivery driver was great with the children and showed off the crane.
Aled Lewis25th April 2020
Excellent product and good prices, even in these crazy times.
Martin Harrison25th April 2020
Delivered on time. Good quality plants
Cavan Eccles25th April 2020
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