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Jordan’s Top Tips for your June Garden

Jordan's Top Tips for June

The longest day of the year falls on June 21st. Summer is well under way and we have a very warm June forecast! This is great for us gardeners and means we can get our summer baskets and bedding plants outside now off the windowsills and out of the greenhouse 🌞

Being water wise is essential, especially in drought prone areas. If you have a water butt – great! The best times to water are very first thing on a morning or very last thing at night. The temperatures are cooler and this gives the soil and plants much more opportunity to absorb and take in the moisture before it evaporates due to the sun and warm weather. Test the soils moisture level by simply poking your finger into the soil. If it is damp, don’t water it. Over-watering can often cause more damage than under watering!

Summer annuals have a short lifespan so they need as much help to perform at their very best as possible! Most summer bedding love tomato food – TOP TIP! Water once a week with a diluted down tomato fertilizer; this will encourage more, healthy blooms! The more you dead head, the more flowers you will get – FACT! We have a special offer on Tomerite fertilizer in-store at Singletons Nurseries! *£4.29 for 1.3L*

Keep on top of weeding. As temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and you will more than likely be watering a lot more often, you will notice a rapid increase in weeds germinating in every corner of the garden. As long as you keep on top of them by hoeing or hand weeding once a week, they should not be a problem. Dispose of them in your green recycling bin rather than your compost heap to prevent them from germinating again when you use your compost.

More tips for the month:

  • Pinch outside shoots on Tomatoes to encourage stronger and healthier main growth resulting in less but bigger and better tomatoes.
  • Mow lawns regularly, at least once a week. This keeps then neat, fresh and healthy. Ensure you rake up any leftover grass cuttings to ensure good air flow and so the lawn isn’t restricted of light.
  • Stake taller or less strong perennials now they are coming into their own to keep then upright and to stop them from snapping.
  • Shade greenhouses now to prevent scorch and to keep them cool.

Have a fabulous June fellow gardeners 🌺🐝

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They were exactly as described and what I wanted.
April Lavercombe16th May 2019
Excellent quality hardwood sleepers and at the keenest price anywhere! The turf is very good quality too.
Jeremy Jones14th May 2019
Product supplied as described. Driver was great and unloaded turf.
Graham Winkles13th May 2019
The turf purchased was fresh and of great quality, the topsoil too was excellent stone free quality.
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Very good topsoil, delivered nice and early so all day to move it. Friendly and helpful delivery driver. Reasonable price. Would recommend.
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Great price, great product and really fast delivery. Also very polite people on the phone and polite delivery driver.
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Very good soil that was easy to work with.
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Delivery driver was very helpful would definitely purchase from you again.
John Pugh6th May 2019
Product as described, premium soil perfect for the job.
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Top quality product, certainly the best around and the very best price. The grass/soil itself was very good quality. It’s been down a week now and is looking really lush and healthy – would certainly recommend! The customer service was fantastic. Net day fast and friendly service. All round impressed!
Damien Hobbis29th April 2019
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