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Jordan’s Top Tips for your July Garden

Jordan's Top Tips for July

I think Summer is finally here and we can start to enjoy spending time in our gardens – at last! There’s always plenty to do in the garden this time of year, here’s a few things to get you started:

Keep containers well-watered, especially when the temperatures are higher than usual but ensure to be water wise. Containers solely rely on you as they cannot find water or nutrients for themselves being contained and not in the ground. This means that depending on what’s in the pot, make sure it is watered and fed sufficiently – if its annual summer bedding plants, they will often need watering one a day and feeding at least once a week with tomato food. Shrubs can last longer without water but don’t disregard bigger shrubs and containerised trees as these still need water, especially this time of year!

Give your lawns a quick summer feed, especially if this was not completed in the spring. When applying any chemicals to the lawn, ensure it is completed on a dry day followed by either a wet day or a good water as the chemicals if left on top of the lawn in the sun will burn the grass and do more harm than good.

Continue to deadhead bedding plants and perennials as much as you can to encourage new flowers. The more you do this, the better and longer the display you will get, often into October/ November if you’re lucky.

Make sure houseplants are watered sufficiently, especially now temperatures are rising. Take off any dead, diseased or damaged foliage.

Established flower beds, borders and lawns often don’t need watering as they find it themselves however, if we have a summer anything like last year, they will need watering.

Ideally first thing on a morning or last thing at night until we have a heavy downpour and they can source the water and nutrients for themselves.

Hanging baskets drink water like there is no tomorrow, and if it’s windy and warm, they can sometimes dry out in the space of a few hours. It is essential to never let them dry out completely as it takes a long time to get them moist and healthy.

Pick runner beans regularly to stop them going stringy.

Continue to pick off side shoots and lower leaves of tomato plants to improve air circulation and stronger growth of the main shoots.

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