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Jordan’s Top Tips for your January Garden

Inspiration for your January Garden

Believe it or not, there is plenty to do in your garden this January!

Now is the perfect time to prune your roses. Roses can be pruned back fairly harsh to keep a nice dense shape, cutting out all of the dead wood and weak shoots which in time will encourage stronger, healthier growth and more, larger flowers.

I love ornamental grasses, especially this time of year. Yes, their foliage is dead but they keep their structure which looks stunning blowing in the wind in winter or covered in snow/ frost. However, January is the time to cut them back to a couple of centimeters from ground level.

Cut down any other perennials you have that have died back to ground level now. They are still alive and well underground making all the beautiful growth and flowers for next year’s show.

Remove old hellebore leaves to make room for new growth and flowers which will begin to bloom any time now – how exciting!

Deadhead winter bedding (Pansies, Violas and Polyanthus) to stop them going from seed and encourage them to put their energy into making new flowers. Continue doing this until April/ May time. If your Pansies look particularly tired, remove all of the old/ dead growth, all of the spend flower buds and give them a right trim back. Yes, they will look sad for a couple of weeks but they will put on a great show for you.

Keep feeding the birds. They’re cold and need feeding up this time of year too 😊 plus the more birds, the less garden pests you will have in your garden!

More quick tips:

  • Remove yellowing leaves from your winter Brassicas.
  • Now is a good time to prepare the ground for your early peas.
  • Avoid walking on your lawn when covered with a blanket of snow or hard frost as this will damage your lawn.
  • Remove heavy snow from greenhouses and cold frames to avoid damage to the glass.
  • Plant Amaryllis bulbs in pots now for a spectacular indoor flower display in early spring.
  • Clean all of your tools and gardening equipment ready for Spring.

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Excellent soil with very few stones, turf was also of great quality.
Tim Connop21st August 2019
Very good turf. Freshly cut. Has taken well.
Bryan Smith12th August 2019
I love this garden centre, it truly is a cut above the rest. My hanging basket is an absolute joy.
Yvette Barratt8th August 2019
Staff are helpful, knowledgeable and cheerful and nothing is too much trouble.
Jane Ward2nd August 2019
The top soil was of good quality and was most suitable for my flower borders.
Alan Merritt23rd July 2019
The Moonstone looks really good as a lawn and patio border.
Brian Russell16th July 2019
All straight and no major knots or drying cracks.
Tim Pearson11th July 2019
Competitively priced sleepers, delivered on time and craned off to a convenient place by a helpful driver.
Ray Lamb9th July 2019
Excellent turf and topsoil delivered on time with a call to say they were on their way. Lawn was freshly cut on the day and has taken very quickly.
David Grennall1st July 2019
Wow, our first time visiting and I cannot wait to come back! Beautiful, inspiring surroundings. Products are first class and you can tell the staff who look after the place do it with love. We are so happy with our purchases and very reasonable prices. I’ll make a regular visit now! I haven’t tried the Potting Shed yet but heard wonderful things so will look forward to trying it. So lucky this is local to us. Thank you!
Francesca Kennedy30th June 2019
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