January Gardening Tips

George’s Top Tips for your January Garden

Despite cold weather and heavy rains during January, there are still plenty of jobs to be doing in the garden.

Here are George’s top tips for your January garden:

  1. Continue to pull out all winter germinating weeds.
  2. If the ground is not too frozen, plant deciduous hedging such as hawthorn.
  3. Trees, shrubs and vigorous climbers should be pruned to shape – particularly wisteria and roses. Pruning in periods of dormancy and pruning out very old stems will ensure more numerous flowers in the following growing season.
  4. Aerate lawns. This task can be undertaken with a fork – or a larger rolling aerator can be used for larger lawns.
  5. If not already done so, prune fruit plants before the sap starts rising. This includes apple and pear trees, and grape vines.

Star Plants for January

  • Skimmia japonica – an evergreen shrub, best planted in the shade.
  • Cornus (dogwood) – deciduous shrub with brightly coloured stems in the winter.
  • Sarcococca confuse – small powerfully scented evergreen shrub.