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Andrew’s Top Tips for your September Garden

Top Tips for your September Gardens

We hope last month’s top tips helped you to keep your August gardens looking lovely! There’s always plenty to do in the garden at this time of year, here are Andrew’s top tips for September:


  • Continue feeding and deadheading your Pots and Hanging Baskets. This will prolong the life of your pots and baskets and you will see them continue flowering through to the first frosts.
  • Camellias and Rhododendron will be starting to form next years flower buds about now, so to ensure your plants are packed with buds, give them plenty of extra water over the next month or so, to ensure the maximum amount of buds are formed.
  • Keep dead-heading Dahlias, Penstemons and Roses. Removing dead flower heads will encourage the plant to think about producing more flowers instead of producing seeds. Doing this over the next few weeks, will encourage new flowers to appear later on this autumn.
  • Plan your spring flowering bulb displays. Over the next couple of weeks, we will have a wide range of Spring Bulbs making an appearance in the Garden Centre. So why not come and choose your own bulbs from our display.
  • If your herbaceous perennials have finished flowering and are looking a bit tired and overgrown, now maybe the best time to lift and divide for a mass of colour next year. Simply lift your clump, and split it into 3 or 4 good sized clumps, using 2 forks to tease apart or a good sharp spade to divide. You can either give a clump or two away, and replant the rest in your garden. Don’t forget though, perennials work better when planted in groups of 3, 5 or 9 clumps to form drifts of colour.

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Now is the best time of year to either lay a lawn from either Turf or Seed. The ground is still fairly warm from the summer, but the days and nights are a lot cooler, which will give the lawn a better start in life. Use good quality Turf, such as our Premium turf we stock here at Singletons. We usually have good stocks in, but don’t forget to give us a call or place an order on the website for anything over 20 rolls, and we still offer a delivery service as well.
  • Keep harvesting your crops that should be maturing now. Salads can be cut little and often, anything else can be either stored, or frozen, dried or pickled. Salads can be still be sown in pots or in the ground for cutting later. If your luckily enough to have a tunnel or greenhouse, this will extend the time you can sow well into the autumn and winter.
  • Maincrop potatoes can be harvested now. Don’t forget to cut off the stems a couple of weeks before harvesting. This helps firm the skin up before lifting, and will prevent any blight spores infecting the tubers. Once lifted, dry the potatoes off for a couple of days, and store for use over winter, don’t forget to discard any potatoes that look green.
  • French and Runner Beans will still be producing beans, so keep harvesting them as you need them. Any other Peas and Beans you may have can be removed now, but remember to leave the roots in the soil, as these produce nodules on the roots, which will slowly release Nitrogen into the soil over time, which will benefit your next lot of crops in the spring.
  • Strawberries can be tidied up now. Remove any older leaves, and old straw used for protecting the fruits. Any runners that are being produced can be pinned down in smaller pots and rooted. These will replace the older strawberries as they get older. Always try and replace your older Strawberry plants every 3 to 4 years, with fresh plants. Over time older plants will loose their vigour, and the fruit yield will drop.

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Excellent quality turf and topsoil
Clive Cashin27th September 2021
I was very pleased with the quality, the driver was very helpful and friendly.
John Cartwright18th September 2021
No sooner had I made my order online for turf I was called by a very friendly human to confirm when my order would be ready to collect which I did. I was greeted by another friendly human who not only took me to my new roles of turf but helped me load then into my vehicle. In addition it was a very hot day so they had moved the turf into a shaded area which meant when I came to lay it, it was in perfect condition and I must say the quality is fantastic. So its been lovely to get a great product and great service in one go. Thank you Singletons….its a YES! from me!
Jonathan Moult14th September 2021
High quality topsoil, ideal for our new flower beds.
Brian Jordan13th September 2021
Excellent personal service. Staff gave every attention & were pleasant, helpful & knowledgeable. All this helped the decision to purchase.
Pat Garry9th September 2021
Really pleased with the turf I ordered. I was given excellent service at the right price. I would heartily recommend these guys.
Adam Stoneley8th September 2021
Just what we needed to do the job.
Sally Wood4th September 2021
Aggregate delivered on time, as ordered and dropped off exactly where requested. Quite a lot of sand covering the chips but now waiting for rain to wash it off. Was good value.
Peter Crow2nd September 2021
Excellent service and helpful delivery. Quality topsoil.
Mike Richards29th August 2021
Fabulous friendly staff fast delivery I’m really pleased and will definitely shop there again.
Annette Westray24th August 2021
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