Andrew's Top Tips - May Garden

Andrew’s Top Tips for your May Garden

Well summer is almost here and our polytunnels and glass house are bursting at the seams! This is most definitely our favourite time of year, when so many beautiful colours light up the nursery and always brighten our day.

Here are Andrew’s top tips for your May garden:

  • Watch out for late frosts. We can still get them in May, so watch out for sunny days, and clear nights. The temperature will tumble.
  • Hanging baskets and pots/tubs can be planted now. Choose your colours, decide on your preferred type of hanging basket (We have a range of Rattan or the more traditional wire baskets) and don’t forget Moss, which we always tend to have in stock this time of the year. Then all you need to do is choose your plants, which we can can provide advice.
  • Dahlias, everyone loves these summer flowering stars. If you have bought Tubers in the past or you have overwintered ones you have kept from last year. They should have been potted up in fresh compost by now. Small shoots should be starting to appear by now. Keep these protected from any late frosts, but by the end of the month you can think about planting these out in the garden ready for summer.
  • Potatoes should be starting to appear by now, just keep earthing the new shoots up as they appear. Keep them well watered as well, to ensure you have lots of lovely fresh potatoes later in the season.
  • Keep sowing small quantities of salad crops, in succession to ensure you always have something to add to your salads. Current favourites in our house are Radish, Spinach, Lettuce etc.
  • Runner Beans and Peas can be bought from the Garden Centre here and planted out in the garden about now. Don’t forget to construct supports for them to climb up. Use 8ft Canes in the shape of a wigwam for Runner beans, or smaller canes or any twiggy sticks for the Peas to scramble up.
  • Strawberries can be planted in pots or hanging baskets to provide fresh strawberries through the summer. We have a range of varieties here at Singletons, to keep the Strawberry season going as long as possible.
  • Think about feeding any pots or tubs you have overwintered about now. If they have come through the winter with no problems, think about scraping the top inch or so of compost off and replacing with new compost, and maybe apply some granular fertiliser to give them some nutrients. The first couple of feeds though, just apply half the recommended rate until you start seeing lots of new growth.
  • Apply lawn weedkiller to your lawn to get rid of any weeds, also applying a high Nitrogen feed to your lawns will encourage new growth. If you also have moss growing in your lawns, think about applying a lawn feed and weed, which will do all of these job in one application.
  • Those tools that have laid dormant over winter… time to start pulling them out and checking them over , ready for the spring. Clean any hand tools you have, brush off any dirt etc. Wooden handled tools will benefit from a rub down with Linseed oil and any metal parts rub down with a bit of light oil just to keep the rust at bay. Lawnmowers can be sent for service ready for the season, making sure the blades are sharpened and the engine given the once over.

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