Andrew's Top Tips for your March Garden

Andrew’s Top Tips for your March Garden

The daffodils are starting to bloom and Spring is definitely on its way, which means there is plenty to do in the garden this month.

Here are Andrew’s top tips for your garden this month:

  • Protect new shoots from slugs and snails. Use slug pellets containing Ferric Phosphate, which are safe for pets, the environment and of course wildlife.
  • Now is the time to start planting Onion sets.
  • Hoe any weeds appearing in the garden, but be careful of any new herbaceous perennial shoots appearing. Try to do this on a sunny day, this will start to control weeds early in the year.
  • Now is the time to start thinking about planting pot grown roses. Remember to incorporate plenty of compost and feed as you plant.
  • Start to think about sowing any annual flower seeds you are planning. I like to get trays and pots cleaned ready to be used. Don’t forget to order or collect your compost before you start to sow.
  • Prepare your veg plots, if you were prepared in the Autumn, you will have turned over your beds by now to let the frost work on it over winter. If not, dig over, weed and add plenty of Farmyard manure or compost, ready to sow your veg seeds later.
  • Scarify your lawns, and start thinking about giving your lawns their first cut of the season. Rake your lawns to remove any moss, and old grass. Then choose and nice sunny day, and give your lawn a light trim.
  • You can sow crops such as Parsnip and Spinach in the garden now. Cover the Spinach with Fleece to protect a little, and Parsnip will benefit from being planted now as they need a long growing season to reach their best.
  • Top dress containers with fresh compost and apply a controlled release fertiliser as you do them, this will give your containers a head start into the spring.
  • On sunny days, keep your greenhouses or tunnels well ventilated. This will prevent your seedlings stretching, and will also prevent any grey mould taking hold.