Top Tips for your June Garden

Andrew’s Top Tips for your June Garden

Hasn’t the weather been glorious? Summer has well and truly arrived, and it’s now time for you to enjoy all the hard work you have put into your gardens this Spring!

Here are Andrew’s top tips for your June garden:

  • Cucumbers and Tomatoes can still be bought from Singletons, and June is the perfect time to plant them either outside or in a tunnel if you have one. Try up against a sunny wall or fence, enrich your soil with compost or well rotted manure. Keep well watered, and don’t forget to cane them well.
  • Now the better weather has arrived, keep watering and feeding your freshly planted plants, but as the weather improves… The weeds start to grow as well. Keep hoeing any annual weeds that appear in your borders before they set seed. Any perennial weeds such as Dandelions, will need to be dug out by hand.
  • Don’t neglect Pots and Hanging Baskets as well, keep watering, try to do this during the evening when it’s cooler. Once a day in most cases, and keep feeding at least once a week. If they start getting too leggy, simply pinch back any long straggly shoots by about half. This will encourage side shoots to form and the plants will become bushier as a result.
  • If you have sown any Salad Leaves, Radish, Beetroot etc. They should be well away by now, keep thinning them out, this will encourage the others to grow and swell. Don’t waste the thinnings though, these can be used as Baby Salad, perfect for your lunchtime salad sandwich…
  • Potatoes should be well on their way by now. If you have planted them in the Veg garden, keep earthing them up, to cover the tubers as they grow and swell. Keep them well watered, and you should be rewarded with a good healthy crop of Potatoes in a month or so.
  • The sun is getting stronger now, so temperatures are starting to rise during the day. If you have a greenhouse or Polytunnel, think about applying a shade paint to the outside of the glass and hanging shade netting in the tunnel. This will prevent the temperature rising too fast and scorching any plants. Remember to keep doors and vents open as well.
  • Protect any new plants, veg or soft fruit from slugs and snails. There are many organic methods you could try, such as scattering crushed egg shells, gravel, wood ash or human hair. Alternatively apply slug pellets, which contain Ferric phosphate. These are wildlife friendly, so danger to household pets, birds or wildlife.
  • If you have Lillies appearing in the garden, chances are you will be seeing Lily Beetle. These are a scarlet red beetle which will munch their way through your Lillies and ruin them. There is no effective control available just at the moment. The easiest way to control them is to pick them off individually and get rid of them.
  • Aphids have been slow to start this year, but with the warmer weather, we are starting to see them. Use one of our ready mixed ‘bug guns’. Some contain an organic pesticide, and others conatin a pesticide free compound such as a fatty acid. Just remember, the organic control methods do take a couple more applications to work best.
  • Privet, Box and Yew Hedges and Topiary can all be given a light trim now they are in full growth. Just a light trim to sharpen up any edges or shapes. Don’t forget to feed Box at the same time. This goes some way in making the plants stronger to withstand any diseases with may occur.

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